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What is short term health insurance?

Short-Term Health Insurance is actually a health insurance. The difference is only in the period of time. Somehow, it sometimes mentioned as “term health insurance” or “temporary health insurance”. In other words, short-term health insurance deals with individual healthcare coverage for a short time (limited period of time). It is for those who need coverage for a period of time. It can be for about 6 months or more and renewable for up to 36 months in many countries. Short-term health insurance is best chosen for one who wants to protect herself/himself against unforeseen accidents and diseases.

What are the advantages?

There are some advantages for those who have short-time health insurance. There are:
• Flexible and Fast – Since one cannot predict the unforeseen accidents and diseases, short-time health insurance is the best solution because one can select the period of time for the coverage. The service from the insurance institution is also fast. In some institutions, one can have the coverage in place within 24 hours.
• Affordable – Short-term health insurance deals with short time coverage. Surely, it will not burden one’s financial. One also can cancel it easily. He or she will not get penalty when he or she drops and cancels the coverage.
• Nationwide Network – Many data show that short-term health insurance is not a new thing. There are Many countries and institutions provide it. Moreover, the physicians, doctor, nurse and therapist are reputable, certified, licensed, professional, and having lots of experiences.
• Best facilities – By having short-term health insurance, one can undoubtedly access health care professionals, hospitals, and medical centre.
• Best option – instead of providing best service in terms of the doctor and hospital, short-term health insurance also allows the insured people to choose. Therefore, one can choose short term health insurance plan to pay for services from Any doctor or hospital which he or she wants.

Who needs to consider short term health insurance?

Short-term health insurance can be beneficial for those who:
• Want to try having health insurance for the first time. It means one can apply short-term health insurance before applying family insurance and other health insurance.
• Begin a new job. It means one can make sure of himself to be covered and safe in starting his or her new job.
• Have retired from job but still too young for having retirement. As the example is the football player who got retirement in the age 33. He is strongly recommended to apply short-term health insurance.
• are students. Short-time health insurance is the best choice for parents to protect their children’s health. They don’t need to worry about it. Some news show that there are many accidents and diseases suffered by students. That is why short-term health insurance is the best solution to avoid it.
• Are under 30 years old and in good health. Obviously, no one cannot deny that disease or accident can be happened for everyone even he or she never gets it before. Thus, short-term health insurance is best as coverage of human health.

Why short-term health insurance?

Short-term health insurance is undoubtedly having so many benefits. The benefits above are only some. There are still numerous benefits of having short-term health insurance. Applying to be insured people of short-term health insurance is also very easy and fast. Just follow few steps from the institutions or providers, one will be able to be insured people as fast as possible. Moreover, since the facility of short-term health insurance is limited, one need not to pay much money. Thus, having short-term health insurance? WHY NOT?

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