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Public health master program deals with the educational context in master degree which can be as the master of public health (MPH) program. It provides a wide understanding and knowledge about everything related to public health. It can be public health in general, the settings, management, leadership roles, environmental health, socio-behavioural health, and many others.
Quoting from many sources, in simple way public health master program can be defined as the science knowledge of protecting human health, preventing from diseases, and improving the health communities through education.

The goal of public health master program
Public health master program is related to the educational degree after one finishing his or her bachelor degree in the university. Since knowledge is unlimited, public health master program needs to be taken for those who want to have a career as a health professional. By taking public health master program, one will learn a very broad view about public health.
Somehow, the goal of taking public health master program is to be the master of public health (MPH). it is a multi-discipline professional degree which is awarded for study in the area that is emphasized on public health. Moreover, in public health master program one will learn and master some study fields of public health. There are Epidemiology, Biostatistics, health care policy, behavioural science, health services administration, environmental science, medical anthropology, health & development, insurance, and public health nutrition.

One who graduates from public health master program affords to get chances for employment. Currently, most graduates who had mastered health care policy, health services administration, and Epidemiology find employment chances in health care settings, non-profit organizations, insurance institutions, and government agencies. While some who had mastered in Biostatistics and health & development find employment chances in the field of research and academic positions.

What are the requirements?
Basically, each institution or university has its own policy dealing with the requirements for public health master program. Therefore, the following below are the requirements for applying public health master program in general.

  1. Care of society
    The most important thing for having public health master program is that one needs to have a will to care of society especially in health.
  2. Graduating from bachelor degree
    Obviously, before having public health master program, one needs to finish his or her study in bachelor degree. It is as the starting point or capital to do the master of public health.
  3. GPA
    GPA is also one of the focus points for the requirements. Every university has its own rule for this. For sure, high GPA means high chance to get public health master program.
  4. Experience in public health
    Experience in public health means that one had cared for public health. At least he or she had ever joint activities, organizations, or communities related to public health. Somehow, it can give a big chance to have public health master program.

What will one do in being health professional after having public health master program?
By having public health master program, one is trained to be able to do:

  1. Caring of healthy body, healthy lifestyle, and healthy environment,
  2. Monitoring the health status in society in order to prevent any diseases,
  3. Investigating and fixing health problems in society,
  4. Developing policy which supports health in society,
  5. Ensuring a competent public health and personal health care workforce,
  6. Evaluating and doing positive thing for healthy society.

To sum up, having public health master program brings to be the one who cares of health for ourselves, society, and environment.

“The best thing of what human do is learning something by means caring of the society” (Mubarok, 2018).

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