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The term “online”
Today’s era (21st century) introduces the term of online as wide as the world. As everything is rapidly spreading, online roles as the main point of how this century gets through. However, one can find everything by online tools such as social media, browser, online apps, and many others. Moreover, some researchers also state that this era is online era in which one can be connected with others widely without limitation.

Online school
Online school sometimes is also mentioned as online education. Online school means that ones can acquire knowledge by some instructions in cyber world provided by internet. It is a type of schooling or educational instruction that is carried out via internet between teacher and students by using their personal computers. Nowadays, online school becomes very popular as an alternative way especially for those who want to have schooling instead of having their full or part-time working. Online school comes as the best option to make ones have schooling even though they have any other businesses.

TELE Class
One of popular terms of online school is TELE class. TELE is the shortened form of Technology Enhanced Learning Environment. TELE class is defined as a class that the member of it is connected online. In TELE class, ones are having any kind of activities related to learning process in cyber world. TELE class is usually called as a class for online school. In this class, ones do not need to join the class as they join in real class. TELE class provides learning environment which is more flexible since ones can study wherever and whenever they want.

Advantages of online school
By having online school, ones can get lots of advantages. Here are the some of it.

  1. Online school provides ones the great atmosphere of learning since they have a lot of activities in cyber world.
  2. Ones do not need to spend much money for transportation, parking, babysitting, and buy books for their schooling. Simply, by online school they just need to have internet connection. They can get every material, exercises, and textbook in soft file. Practically speaking, online school also decreases the number of papers resulted from our forests.
  3. By having online school, ones surely do not need to quit their working for attending school and plan their day as their regular schedule.
  4. However, online school provides ones a chance to learn everything and do the tasks at a place and time which are best for them. Therefore, ones can feel free and fun by online school.
  5. Online school also offers shy or more reticent students an opportunity to participate and be active in class discussions easily rather than joining face-to-face class. Some studies also show that students also have a much better concentration by having online school.
  6. Surely, online school can make learning becomes not boring. Since there are many cases of schooling due to the teacher who teaches monotonously and boring, online class comes as the best solution to solve it.

In this modern era, online school comes as an innovation to overcome any kind of school problems such as students’ low motivation, low skill of learning, bad score, and many others. Therefore, online school provides really lots of advantages. Considering many advantages of online school, ones need to realize that online school comes as the best solution to make education better and better. Anonymous says: Learning by your own? Go online school.

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