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What is Heart?
Heart is the most important part of human part of body. In fact, no one can live without having heart. For sure, heart makes human life. If heart dies, meaning that the person dies. That is why, one needs to keep the heart health.

How can one keep heart health?
Having heart health is a must. However, there are many people who spending much money to cure their heart disease. In other words, they do curing, not preventing. Benjamin Franklin has stated that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It means, one needs not to do or spend much money to overcome his or her heart disease. It is better if one realizes to love his or her heart by having heart health supplements.

Why Supplements?
Supplements are simply defined as medicine. However, supplements are not only dealing with curing diseases, but also preventing diseases. It commonly defines as group of products that are consumed for the purpose for keeping, supplementing, and enhancing health. That is why, supplements play important roles for human life. Dealing with heart health, supplements for it are must since no one denies that heart is the most important part of human life.

What Heart Health Supplements are needed?
Here are some heart health supplements that need to be consumed for those who love to have heart health for healthy lifestyle.

1. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
Naturally, human body produces this enzyme in a very small amount. It is also known as ubiquinone and ubiquinol. It acts as an antioxidant in the heart and is involved in the synthesis of energy. Another function is to stabilize membranes. As a supplement, Coenzyme Q10 can help to lower blood pressure. Many researches about Coenzyme Q10 have found that adding it to heart failure drugs can help people have better heart health. In other words, Coenzyme Q10 is appropriate for conventional treatment and preventive treatment.

Coenzyme Q10 is also can be used for those who suffer Atherosclerosis (a condition in which cholesterol-rich plaque builds up along the arterial walls), Insulin Resistance, Angina Pectoris (a symptom of coronary artery disease and sometimes predicted of being heart attack).

2. EPA and DHA (Fish Oil)
EPA and DHA are commonly called as omega-3 fatty acids. Mostly found in fatty fish. It also belongs as an effective preventive treatment or strategy to against heart disease. EPA and DHA also role to lower blood pressure and increase plasma level of “good” HDL cholesterol. EPA and DHA are also useful to improve insulin sensitivity. Moreover, both are best for decreasing the risk of sudden cardiac death.
EPA and DHA are can be used for those who suffer Atherosclerosis (Best combination with the consumption of Coenzyme Q10). Some researches also result that EPA and DHA can reduce the risk of a heart attack or even a stroke.

3. Lycopene
Lycopene mostly found in many fruits and vegetables especially tomato. Lycopene is best for preventing heart diseases because it has strong antioxidant properties. High level of lycopene in human blood is good as it can reduce cardiovascular disease. Similar with Coenzyme Q10 and Fish oil, Lycopene is also appropriate for preventive treatment.

4. Arginine
Arginine is actually a natural amino acid. It is much needed for heart health because it can synthesize a very potent substance which is called as nitric oxide that causes dilation of blood vessels. Moreover, Arginine is also beneficial for blood pressure. Recent researches of Arginine conclude that the main benefit of Arginine as heart health supplement is to restore vascular function and improve the clinical symptoms of various diseases associated with vascular disfunction.

5. Garlic
Many researches have resulted that garlic and its extract are best for supporting blood pressure and cholesterol. Garlic is well to lower triglycerides and blood cholesterol. One who likes to consume garlic belongs to one who has “good” HDL cholesterol. Consuming 1.2 grams garlic of 3 times per day for 2 weeks can significantly reduce the oxidation of having “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Somehow, garlic is one of vegetables that has very important role dealing with heart diseases. It can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol, dissolve blood clots, and regulate heart rate. These are commonly leading to improve heart health.

There are still many heart health supplements. Some above are only few. Surely, no one can deny that having heart health is the most important thing in life. Therefore, let’s consume heart health supplements for preventing any diseases.

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