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What is Health Insurance?
Health insurance is a type of insurance service that specifically guarantees human health and care. It guarantees the financial of outpatient and inpatient for the insured who are suffering diseases, getting accident, sudden sickness attacks, and others. Simply, health insurance can be equalized as human life security.
One can have the insurance after having an agreement with insurance institution. The agreement is dealing with the one’s life guarantee as the preparation if in the future he or she gets disease, accident, sudden sickness attacks, and even dead.
Obviously, no one plans and wants to get sick or hurt, but it must be better if they truly realize that no one is perfect. Thus, health insurance comes to help them being not to worry for the financial of their cure.
Since disease cannot be predicted, one needs to realize that they need something to guarantee their health. Therefore, it is obviously true that health insurance is a must for every human being. If we love our health, let’s say no to disease by having health insurance.

Is Health Insurance Important?

The answer is undoubtedly YES. Based on the UNDP SDGs, health insurance is the third point which means that it is very important. The third point means that health needs to be ensured and promotes well for all ages.
Base on the data from WHO, Switzerland has 99.5% of insured people. It truly makes swiss as one of the best countries in term of the health quality. The other countries such as France, Italy, Germany, and Sweden also do the same. The government provides the insurance in order to guarantee the people’s health. Thus, it can be concluded that health insurance also takes people to have a good health.

The data from UNDP shows that every 2 seconds, someone aged around 30 to 70 years old dies prematurely from noncommunicable diseases – cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and cancer. Thus, it is obviously terrible if one doesn’t realize the importance of health insurance.
What is the benefit of Health Insurance?

Nothing to worry for having health insurance. Just everything to be happy by having health insurance by many benefits of it.

  1. Cashless feature – Having a sufficient health to prevent any emergencies due to a disease, accident, and sudden sickness attack.

One can just go to a hospital or any health center and there’s no need to pay any advance or much money since he or she has health insurance by paying upfront.

2. Worthy health care – Health insurance provides the better life service. All the service dealing is surely well. Moreover, the insured people will get the worthy health care.

It is the service for human health which is certainly certified and licensed. Moreover, it is obviously true that the nurse, therapist, and doctor are certified, licensed, professional, and having lots of experience.

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