The term “online” Today’s era (21st century) introduces the term of online as wide as the world. As everything is rapidly spreading, online roles as the main point of how this century gets through. However, one can find everything by online tools such as social media, browser, online apps, and many others. Moreover, some researchers also state that this era is online era in which one can be connected with others widely without limitation. Online

Overview Public health master program deals with the educational context in master degree which can be as the master of public health (MPH) program. It provides a wide understanding and knowledge about everything related to public health. It can be public health in general, the settings, management, leadership roles, environmental health, socio-behavioural health, and many others. Quoting from many sources, in simple way public health master program can be defined as the science knowledge of

Definition Prostate is a small gland which is a part of the male reproductive system. It’s supposed to be about the shape and size of a walnut. Prostate helps make some of the fluid in semen, which carries sperm from men’s testicles when they ejaculate. Problems of prostate health There are some diseases dealing with prostate problems as follows: Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is a common prostate disorder which is prevalent among men. One needs

What is Heart? Heart is the most important part of human part of body. In fact, no one can live without having heart. For sure, heart makes human life. If heart dies, meaning that the person dies. That is why, one needs to keep the heart health. How can one keep heart health? Having heart health is a must. However, there are many people who spending much money to cure their heart disease. In other

What is healthcare administration? Healthcare administration is usually also called as medical administration or health administration. It deals with the general management of health facilities, hospital, hospital network, clinical areas, and healthcare system. Practically speaking, healthcare administration can be defined as management related to healthcare for human. Administration and administrator As mentioned above, healthcare administration refers to the management. Then, there is also a term of healthcare administrator. Healthcare administrator is also known as healthcare

What is Health Coach Certification? The term of health coach certification can be simply defined as a certification for being a health coach. Though, health coach means the one who is caring or being a mentor for individual’s health in order to make the individual having better lifestyle. Thus, health coach certification here means a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to have better health and cultivate positive health choices by giving health

What is Brain? Brain is a very important part of human. It is a tool for one to process any information and knowledge cognitively. Simply, brain is a tool of thinking. Every single activity of one firstly processes through the brain. In other words, there will be any problems if brain cannot do its function well. Thus, one needs to love his or her brain by caring of its health. Taking brain health supplements can

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